Judges for International Puppy 2019 Contest
















  Interntional Puppy 2013 Judges  
  Mark Frazier Former ILSb CEO  
  Al Santora Mr. DC Eagle 1984  
  boy Mark Greene International Drummer boy 2001  
  Sir Frank Florida LeatherSIR 2012  
  boy Rick Florida Leatherboy 2012  
  Rick Pup Tripp Hutchings Mid-Atlantic Kennel Korps  
  James-John Joseph Gigliello    
  International Puppy 2014 Judges  
  boy Woodie Barnes International Drummer boy 1999  
  slavepup Axel International Puppy 2013  
  Pup Whimper Great Lakes Puppy 2006  
  Jaeger Pup T 1st Runner up IPC 2013  
  Baus Yukon Co-Fuonder Norwest Puppy  
  Sir Shadow Mr. Sawmill Leather 2011  
  Pup Otter BNC boy 2010  
  International Puppy 2015 Judges  
  Rick Pup Tripp Hutchings International Puppy 2014  
  Robb Lappe Central Plains LeatherSIR 2012  
boy Paul Brown Great Lakes Leatherboy 2014
  Nikki Wireman Ms. NJ Leather 2014  
  Mike Prader Mr. Midwest Leather 2011  
  Pup Hercules Midwest Puppy 2012  
  Charlotte Sumtimes Entertainment Director at Bad Dog  
  International Puppy 2016 Judges  
  Pup Figaro International Puppy 2015  
  Dr. Bruce Karmazin Mr. Midwest Leather 2006  
  Patty IMsL 2014  
  Jay Johnson Mr. Midwest Leather 2014  
  Pup Tork IPTC Puppy 2014  
  Mona Chase    
  Pup Havok Co-Founder of Touch Base  
  International Puppy 2017 Judges  
  Pup Incus International Puppy 2017  
  Sir Tug International LeatherSir 2015  
  Pup Ash International Leatherboy 2015  
  Pup Kona IPTC's Puppy 2015  
  Dave Rhodes The Leather Journal  
  BoyPup Max American Leatherboy 2015  
  Ty Teachworth American Leatherboy 2013  
  International Puppy 2018 Judges  
  Rex Shephard International Puppy 2018  
boy Jake International Leatherboy 2016
  Dave Rhodes The Leather Journal  
  Tim Hamilton International Puppy 2002  
  Jeremy Morris Mr. Iowa Leather 2011  
  Sir Jack MacCullum Mr. Drummer North America 2017  
  Sir Tug International LeatherSir 2015